Welcome to gunnercooke

…a very different type of law firm

gunnercooke is a boutique corporate law firm with one, clear vision: to challenge, improve and evolve the way legal services are provided.

An uncompromising business, the firm is built around a simple premise: at all times maintain a strong client centric core that focuses on adding value and going above and beyond what clients expect. After all, in today’s competitive marketplace, we know that being a good lawyer is just not enough. So we give more relevant advice, do more than our clients expect and work with them, as opposed to for them, in true partnership.

The firm takes great pride in accomplishing an objective. Employing only the brightest, most experienced, and most commercially aware lead partners ensures our clients will always have an edge. Indeed, the quality of our lawyers is essential to the growth of our practice and we invest heavily to ensure that we have not just the best legal brains, but the best business ones too. Our lawyers are dealmakers in the truest sense of the word. But whilst we ensure that what we do makes a real difference, we also know the way we do it is equally important and by challenging the traditional delivery of corporate legal services, it’s our service delivery model that truly sets us apart. Our overheads are kept low so we can keep your overheads low, operating a fixed fee system. So no timesheets. And technical support is acquired from the best, brightest and most appropriate lawyers in the UK and worldwide: without restriction.

Our ambitions are large and our experience is beyond measure. If you feel having looked through our website that you would benefit from talking with gunnercooke and using our model, please get in touch. We’ll listen to your goals and work with you to make them happen.

Darryl Cooke

“I don’t want lawyers to tell me what I cannot do;
I hire them to tell me how to do what I want to do.”
JP Morgan